For Fear of the Polka Dot

I confess I am a little frightened of the latest polka dot trend that seems to be reaching its fat, round arms across the globe.  What scares me about it are the itsy-bitsy, teenie-weanie kind of polka dots – a la the yellow polka dot bikini of the famed song (there’s a reason she didn’t want to come out of that locker and I’m convinced it wasn’t because the bikini was yellow or because it was too small!).

Top to bottom tiny dots are, well, they just seem too girlie, too cutesy, too… much.  Though there are evidently those who can pull the look off (most of them probably 12 years old). I do, however, love a splash of the polka dot or a take on them that makes the old classic fresh and new.  Big dots?  Bring ’em on!

Michael Kors big, bold polka dots

It is becoming clearer to me that Michael Kors and I see eye to eye where fashion and accessories are concerned as noted here. Even his yellow polka dot number above is chic since the dots are a nice comfortable, grown-up size.

Raul Melgoza's on trend jewel colour polka dots

Raul Melgoza’s rich polka pattern above is classy, stylish and hip. And a fantastic colour scheme.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate little polka dot patterns.  They’re happy and cheerful.  I just believe they should be applied to grown up bodies with restraint.  Accessories, boots and shoes are the perfect way to incorporate the trend without leaning toward the over-sweet side of fashion.

These pairs of Earth, Wind & Style’s boots below add a dash of the polka dot trend in a fun and funky way.

One of a kind polka dot boot

Earth, Wind & Style's unique polka dot boot

One of a kind polka dot footwear

One of Earth, Wind & Style's one of a kind polka dot boots

Jason Wu adds subtle polka dots

Jason Wu adds a touch of polka dot to this sophisticated look above with sexy hosiery.

Three Bird Nest's infinity scarf

An easy way to incorporate the polka dot trend is by adding a scarf or belt to your outfit. Or even a fun umbrella.

Fifi Lapin shows us this gorgeous combo of black & white stripes and polka dots by Moschino

An elegant spotted accessory from Marimekko

Of course runway fashions will always find their way into the home.  Here are a few ways to mix the polka dot into your interiors:

Lovely pairing of cheerful polka dots with the classic chair

The graphic punch in the polka dot carpet adds impact in this room

A cheerful mix of different sized and different coloured polka dot patterns adds interest to this bedroom

And lastly, just in case you need a refresher on the Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie song…

What do you think?

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