Black & Yellow. The More I See The More I Love

There is something about this combination of black and yellow that’s been on the runways, in the shops and on the streets recently.  Maybe it’s because yellow is such an enthusiastic, friendly colour and black is sophisticated that it works so well together.  Whatever it is, it works and it works particularly well with sunny, bold yellows.

This Valentino gown is gorgeous.  The black bow is the finishing touch.

Great vintage-inspired black and yellow graphic dress.

Nice casual look with that yellow top adding the extra cool factor.

This yellow coat elevates this black outfit to new heights.

Look how Jackie Kennedy wore this colour scheme so beautifully back in 1961.

Our own Earth, Wind & Style black and yellow convertible boots.

This Jenna Lyons living room pops with the yellow sofa, while the black chairs keep the space grounded.

This is a beautiful sunny kitchen with the yellow cabinets and accessories. The black anchors the space and keeps it from feeling too cute.

The use of the yellow accessories above is perfect if you’d like to add a splash of yellow to your scheme without committing to an expensive piece of furniture. Painting a wall is also an inexpensive way to bring your space up to date.  The black wall here adds a lot of depth to the space.

What is your favourite colour scheme?  Do you go in for the black and yellow?

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