Fashion Photography’s New Kick – the Cinemagraph

I was checking out the blog over at I Get a Kick Out of You where I was introduced to the fascinating cinemagraph!  Fashion photography comes alive with this new layered photo, allowing for selective movement within a still image.  It’s really captivating.  Below are some of the best examples I’ve come across so far by inventors Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg.







What do you think of the cinemagraph? Where do you see it being utilised in the future?

7 thoughts on “Fashion Photography’s New Kick – the Cinemagraph

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  2. Wow, this is very cool. A bit disturbing at first that only some parts of the picture are moving, but when you really look at it, it can add something beautiful to a fashion shoot. I especially loved the one standing on stones in the sea, to be able to see the movement of the dress really takes this shot to the next level!
    I think this is what we will see more and more in magazines online or for the tablet-edition. It has already been done, can’t remember be which magazine, but I’ve seen it before. And just imagine this on billboards, would be absolutely captivating!

    • It is cool, isn’t it?! I agree, I think we’ll see it all over the place soon. Digital magazines and billboards would be a great place to use this type of photograph.! Will be keeping my eyes open for it. Let me know where you see them.

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