Thinking Outside the Jewellery Box

I love to organise. I love to be organised. My brain appreciates the calm that comes from knowing things are in their place, but jewellery always seems like a difficult thing to sort and house.

I tend to shy away from typical storage solutions for my jewellery. I do have one traditional Chinese-style jewellery box, but most of my other jewellery is stored in less classic containers. I like to work vintage into my decor, so I use a couple of old leather collar boxes to keep my chunky necklaces and beads. And a Japanese Bento Box is home to some other pieces (this is a 2-for-the-price-of-1 storage solution, as the Bento Box comes apart, so the dividing tray can be used in a drawer and the box for another purpose). And I like the hit of red when I open it up to see my ‘jewels’.

But I’ve been on the lookout for other ideas for practical ways to organise my personal adornments. Below are some of my most interesting finds:



Bracelets are particularly difficult to find storage for since they come in so many different shapes and sizes, so both of the above ideas caught my eye; the first using a beer bottle (a perfect excuse to crack a corona tonight!) and the second utilising a paper towel holder to stack and display the bracelets.


The above is one of my favourite jewellery storage ideas and such a great use of mismatched tea cups and saucers that may have been floating around the family for a few generations. It’s storage and family keepsake in one.


By now we’ve all seen the picture frame idea for hanging jewellery, but I like the retro metallic background in this one above. It adds a bit of glam to the vignette and will bring some depth into any corner you might locate it. The cake stand is a good use of space and also adds a bit of charm to this jewellery nook with its contrasting metallic finish.


I love this happy little space (above) on so many levels, but the necklace display along the curtain rail is so unique and could easily be accomplished with some doweling and hooks and would look fantastic in a walk in closet!


This idea is so simple and could be incorporated in many forms. There are a few pieces out there using vintage drawer pulls, but you could also use coat hooks installed on any wall with a bit of space and hang your necklaces from them.


This is also a really pretty idea for hanging jewellery and can be incorporated into any small space. Select your fabric background to match your decor. Very chic.


Again I’m loving this unique idea of making a jewellery tree out of driftwood. I especially love the contrast of the driftwood with the jewellery.

So, hopefully a few ideas to perk up your jewellery storage. Which ones are your favourites? Will you apply any of these ideas?

7 thoughts on “Thinking Outside the Jewellery Box

    • Thank you for your comment! Yes, the driftwood tree is a little less sophisticated an option than some of the others, but I love a bit of rustic wood. I just can’t help myself! Would look really good in a cottage-style home or summer house, don’t you think?

    • Thanks for stopping by. It’s always great to come up with new and interesting ways to store and organise things – especially when it’s pretty things like our ‘jewels’! Would love to know if you’ll incorporate any of these ideas into your existing storage system.

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