Transgender Models

A highly debated topic perhaps since For Your Eyes Only Bond Girl Caroline (Tula) Cossey made headlines in the 1980’s when she was outed for being a transgender model and actress, the press has stirred it up again recently since the formerly-male Jenna Talackova competed in the Miss Universe Canada Pageant. I’m curious how people really feel about transgender models now.

Former Bond Girl & Playboy model, Caroline Tula Cossey

Are we worried about the sex of the person who is advertising clothing?  Does it matter that a beautiful man looks fantastic promoting women’s fashion – or that the person used to be a man?  And what about the latest headlines about the transgender model competing in Miss Universe Canada Pageant?  Is it inappropriate or ground-breaking?

Model Lea T (second from right) in Givenchy 2010 ad campaign.


Transsexual Isis King fronts American Apparel’s Gay Pride campaign


Male model Andre Pejic walks the catwalk in a Rosa Clara wedding gown


Jenna Talackova competed in the Miss Universe Canada Pageant in May 2012


These models are beautiful, there’s no doubt.  Is it wrong that they appear on magazine covers and in advertising?  Would it be less of a problem for society to accept them if we didn’t know they used to be men?  What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Transgender Models

    • It is an odd scenerio, isn’t it? Would you rather know they are/were men modelling women’s clothing or not know you were looking at ads containing male/previously male models? Would it make a difference to how you felt about it if you didn’t know the truth?

      • With so many beautiful young women vying for a spot on the runway, I see no reason to use a male model in her place. Of course, because these transgender models are equally as beautiful as their female counterparts, there is no way I or anyone else would be the wiser without it being disclosed. I am quite conservative in many of my views and this is one; I do not support this new trend in the modeling industry.

  1. Now I not only have to compete with beautiful women, but men who look way hotter in women’s clothes than, well, most women. #weareallequal.

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