Asian influence this Fall Winter

I love to see a little Asian-inspired fashion on the runway while being surrounded by the influence of Asia.  This season Chinese and Japanese cultures are dominating and there are so many amazing fabrics and patterns to play with and bring into a wardrobe.  Golds and rich colours epitomise Oriental clothing and interiors and there is no lack of either this season.


This dress comes to life with its pale green colour and Asian fabric with that gorgeous sheen.


The iconic Japanese Crane makes it’s appearance on the above Van Noten coat.


Both the style and the fabric in this Proenza Shouler dress mimic their eastern influences.



Great kimono-inspired belt and rich colours in the above Zac Posen runway look.

Asian style has been popular in interiors for a long while and I’m sure it’s because of its versatility.  There are so many varying looks you can incorporate into the home to add a little of Asia to it:

source via pinterest

Aside from the very obvious silhouettes above the beside tables, the oriental influence can be found in the pattern and colour of the throw pillows and the in headboard whose shape is reminiscent of the contour of Japanese architecture.


The room above gives a nod to Asia with the chinoiserie panels behind the bedside tables as well as with the bright blue Fu Dogs.  Also note the Indonesian-style ikat pattern on the throw pillows.

Of course this gorgeous table is of Asian decent, but it’s the other touches here that firmly establish this vignette in Oriental style; the boxes and Buddha statue, the gold-leaf horse, and the artwork in the glossy bright sea-blue.

Will you work the Asian influence into your home or wardrobe?  If so, how?

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