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My very talented friends, photographer Tina Graham and makeup artist Nicola Ingram, worked their magic a few weeks ago on a photo shoot for my boots.  I thought I would share the results below.  Vote for your favourite pic and get 20% off your purchase at Earth, Wind & Style till Dec 24th, 2012!

girls fighting over boots

ankle boots

boot tug of war

Ankle boots with leggings

shorts worn with boots

convertible boots worn with dressboots with shorts

dress worn with boots

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Boots with Skirts and Dresses – Essential Winter Looks

It’s no secret that I’m a boot girl (probably why I ended up selling boots!). Love them.  Can’t get enough of them. And I’m still trying to convince my husband that a girl can never have too many pairs of boots!  They go with everything, but one of my favourite combos is mixing boots with skirts and dresses.  They are a perfect pairing for fall/winter and can be made to look as fresh or as classic as you like…

I may be biased, but this is one of my favourite looks using a pair of boots from my own web store.

convertible boots with dress


little white dress and boots


Even Kate Middleton is a fan of the boots & dress look.

kate middleton dress and boots


And Heidi Klum.



source via


And I love this look:


What do you think about this look?  Is it a favourite of yours too?

Style Icon Sophia Loren

Movie actress and beauty icon, Sophia Loren came a long way from her humble beginnings in Italy to her status as a household name around the world. Describing herself as strange looking when she was a child, she later said, “I think the quality of sexiness comes from within. It is something that is in you or it isn’t and it really doesn’t have much to do with breasts or thighs or the pout of your lips.” Well, there’s no question she had something special oozing from her pores, but she also had all those other attributes as well!

Reportedly 38-24-38 measurements, Sophia Loren is the epitome of the hourglass figure. Sophia Loren 1960's


Always beautifully dressed (and most often with her assets on full display!), Loren was undoubtedly a style icon.


Quite a transition from being scrawny as a child, Sophia Loren blames spaghetti for her figure!

sophia loren evening gown



sophia loren style and beauty icon

Sophia Loren looked her most beautiful with that great big smile.

sophia loren drinks champagne


Sophia Loren at 64.  I hope I look that good at her age!


Even in her 70’s Sophia Loren is still wowing in curve-hugging, cleavage-bearing dresses.


There are plenty of rumours about whether or not Ms. Loren has undergone plastic surgery to keep herself looking good.  Either way, she is still as gorgeous as any of us could wish to be and still able to proudly bare her beautiful figure.  She claims, “You have to be born a sex symbol. You don’t become one. If you’re born with it, you’ll have it even when you’re 100 years old.”  Do you think she’s right?

Do you think Sophia Loren is a style icon?

Photo Shoot for Earth, Wind & Style

Wow, what a day!  Such a great experience being on the set of my very first professional fashion shoot for my business, Earth, Wind & Style, on Saturday.  I’d been looking forward to getting some fun pictures of the convertible boots on offer in my webstore and the day was a huge success!  I thought I would share some pictures with you.

Our outdoor set

So great to be in the company of friend and professional photographer, Tina Graham, and to see her in action on my photo shoot.  She really knows her stuff and given that supplies are somewhat limited where we are located in Miri, she was particularly impressive with her improvisation and quick thinking with both lighting and set direction.

photo shoot make up by Nicola Ingram

Nicola Ingram working her make up magic on one of the models

Cosmetology Scotland owner and friend, Nicola Ingram, worked her magic on the make-up for the shoot and faced her own set of challenges while attending to models affected by the hot and humid mid-day heat, but she was a pro and the girls looked fantastic! Needless to say, we were all really pleased to move inside to the air conditioning!

photo session for Earth Wind & Style

Tina Graham and team working their photography magic!

Leonard the Lighting Assistant and lender of the photography studio cum exercise training studio

photo session models having fun

The gorgeous models having a laugh. It’s hard to look fierce!

And (one of!) the end products.  I absolutely love this shot!!!

Cat fight for the boots!

‘The’ shot!

Animal Welfare in Miri

I’ve had an interesting day today that had nothing whatsoever to do with fashion or interiors or my business of selling boots and handbags.  It had mostly to do with another effort I am involved with here in Malaysia.  PAWS – Piasau Animal Welfare Support.  And some of my day was heart-breaking and some was surprisingly gratifying.

Animals hold a special place in most cultures and countries. Whether that place be one of respect or one of disdain, they inhabit that place often without much thought given by us humans.  We accept it as a matter of conditioning based on how we were raised and how we were taught animals should fit into our lives.

There is a diverse mix of cultures where I live in Malaysia; Chinese, Malay, as well as local tribal populations and a large expatriate community.  It’s not surprising we all have different ideas about how animals should be treated and respected.

But today was all about mutual respect, no matter where we were from, no matter what our background.

Photo by Tina Graham

Peanut, one of our PAWS kitties

Today I had to take a sick PAWS kitten to the vet. She was really unwell, unable to use her legs, couldn’t hold her head up, crying in pain.  I thought we were going to have to put her down and we still may.  I stood there with the Muslim vet and cried over the decision.  He was visibly moved by the emotion I was displaying, and he cradled her with such love and care, as we discussed the best thing to do.

In the next room was a Malay man with one of the pet cats he had adopted through PAWS.  We think she had been hit by a car and was paralysed from the waist down.  Another agonising decision had to be made between he and the vet.  He was distraught and so sad about his cherished pet.

On a brighter note, earlier in the day I had joined a group of local college students who put together a fundraiser on behalf of the PAWS.  These were students from all of the many Malaysian cultures. The fundraiser was centred around coffee break and lunch time food sales at IBS College and I arrived after they had set up.  I was really impressed with how they had organised themselves and how excited they were to help me sell the PAWS merchandise to all the students in addition to what they were already doing.

College students shopping for PAWS products

I was amazed at how many wallets opened and what little these starving students could spare was spent on a PAWS t-shirt or mug or just put directly into the donation box.  People signed up to volunteer (something we are always grateful for as we never have enough volunteers!), and they asked about adopting.

I’ve had a stream of messages this afternoon from people asking to adopt animals.  They are looking for a new addition to their families.

And so I’ve decided today that it doesn’t matter which culture or which part of the world you are from, it seems to me if you are an animal lover you are a big-hearted person. If only all the world’s cultures had as much respect for each other as these local cultures have for our animals.

Halloween Costumes

Halloween.  Scary times!  Scary mostly because I can never seem to come up with a good costume when I need one (halloween isn’t just for kids, afterall!).  Figuring some of you are also in the same boat, I’ve done some research.  Here are a few frightful, ingenious, easy or inventive costumes:

Love this clever jellyfish costume idea.


Matt Lauer dressed as Paris Hilton.  Cropped skirt, barely there top, blonde wig, oversized purse and a small pooch.  Done.  And the likeness is a little frightening, I have to say!


Pregnant?  Why not dress as a Mummy?  Jessica Simpson pulled this off really well.  Love the frizzed out hair.


Perhaps not as topical as at it would have been for last year’s Halloween, but Kathy Lee Gifford and Hota Kotb’s Princess Beatrice & Eugenie costumes made me laugh!


Super simple, Nicky Hilton does Halloween as Holly Golightly. Grab a short black shift dress, throw on some pearls, some 60-inspired shades, drop earrings and you’re away.  If you can find yourself a cigarette holder and long black gloves, even better!


Some other ideas I’ve come across:

Fashion Victim: open your closet and dig out the oldest and most out-of-date stuff you can find.  Mix it all together for a crazy mish-mash.  Come on, I know you’ve got some good & horrifying bits in that closet of yours.  Or someone you know does!

Ugly Betty: Heavy rimmed glasses.  Bad hair and fashion. Look complete.

Gold Digger: Cover yourself with gold clothing, shoes, hat, etc., and layer on the gold jewellery and carry a shovel or wear a gold miner’s hard hat.  I’m leaning towards this costume myself this year.

For the Men.  Mark Zuckerberg: jeans and a hoodie and a facebook logo.

Where’s Waldo: Red and white striped shirt, black hat, a camera and big, black-rimmed glasses.

Quaterback: Yup, you guessed it, stick one or more quarters to your back! or…

Quarter Pounder: Take a quarter and a hammer with you to the party!  Thank you to Coupon Sherpa for some of these ideas.

What will you be wearing this Halloween?  Will you go the easy route or throw your heart and soul into planning and making your costume?  Tell me all about it in the comment section below.

Interior Designers’ personal style vs. fashion sense

I’ve always been fascinated by what Interior Designers wear; if their wardrobe reflects their design style, if it’s trendy or classic, colourful or monochromatic, etc. (even more fascinating to me are those in the design world who don’t seem to have the ability to dress well, yet are able to create the most gorgeous spaces.  But I’ll leave that for another post).  So today I bring you a comparison between some well known interior designers and the way they style themselves…

First up, girl-next-door Sarah Richardson:



Sarah tends to wear casual, classic items with a bit of a funky touch to them, which definitely reflects her love of vintage inspiration and the use of second-hand finds in her interior design style, though I think her interiors generally tend to be more formal than the way she usually dresses (this picture being from her relaxed cottage interior and therefore the counterpart to her usual jeans attire).

The beautiful and talented Kelly Hoppen:

Kelly Hoppen style

Kelly Hoppen interior

I think Kelly’s slinky, retro outfit perfectly reflects the sexy, vintage style of her living room design.  That hit of yellow in the space mirrors the vibrancy of her dress. And that gorgeous hanging chair is the living room’s chandelier earrings like those peeking out of her wild curls.  Kelly definitely likes to add an element of surprise to her often monochromatic interiors and appears to replicate that in her clothing as well.

Fellow Canadian Candice Olsen:


Candace Olsen Kitchen design


Candice has a way of making a room really captivating, adding layers and using pieces that will see you through years of enjoyment without requiring an update.  She dresses similarly, always adding an interesting element and mixing her timeless pieces with something that pops, in this case her top.

The super smily Nate Berkus:


Nate Berkus hallway design

Nate’s personal style preference appears to be a smart-casual look – sports jacket or shirt and tie – quite tailored and classic, yet comfortable.  His interiors definitely have a masculine touch with tailored elements and there is often something that makes you smile about them too, so that reflects his personality.

What do you think?  Is the interior style of these designers comparable to their taste in clothing?  Tell me what you think in the comments section below.

London calling

I’ve been lucky enough to travel through London many times in my life and one of my favourite things about it is that no matter how many times I’ve been here, there is always something new to see.

I got myself to Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill for the first time ever. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! Such a great vibe. An amazing number of shops and stalls selling vintage treasures. I was in my element.

I spied this vintage Louis Vuitton steamer trunk in one amazing antique shop. Guess how much this baby cost…


Some of my other firsts were visiting the The Tate. Tate Modern & Tate Britain museums are located across the river from each other, but there’s a very convenient ferry trip on the Thames between the two for £5.50 per person. Plan to have a lovely lunch at the Tate Modern overlooking St. Paul’s Cathedral.

I’d tried and failed on previous visits to London to see Westminster Abbey, but this time I managed not only to get inside its beautiful Gothic doors, but also to enjoy the incredible acoustics while joining in evensong. We exited the abbey to the amazing sound of its church bells.

Lastly, I had my first visit to Fortnam & Mason and had afternoon tea in their ground floor restaurant. It just had to be done, though I plan to be more hungry next time I go so I can partake in the full fancy offering (though there are more tea offerings in their 4th floor tea restaurant).

I’ve left London now and am travelling a bit and visiting with my Mom, in-laws and friends around the UK, but I’ll be back to see some more of London’s many sights!

Have you been to London? What were your favourite sights?

New York Fashion Week Street Style

There’s been so much buzz about New York Fashion Week and all of the fashion houses’ presentations, but there is a continuing interest in street style and how it inspires trends and design.  I’ve always been fascinated by what people wear and how they put a look together to represent themselves to the world. Below are some of the best street style pics I came across from New York Fashion Week.










Rachel Zoe


Are you inspired by any of these looks?  Or do the designers do more to inspire you?  Tell me what you think in the comments section.

Fur for Fall

Fur is back!  And while everyone in the fashion world seems to be talking about New York’s Fashion week in which Spring/Summer 2013 is being shown, I can’t help myself!  I’m still getting into the fall spirit.  There’s a lot of fur happening this season, in coats, jackets, dresses and in some fabulous accessories.

Love this coat in the season’s hot oxblood colour!


And Valentino’s stunning wrap in this season’s deep teal.


Fendi’s adds fur to the collection with this springbok dress.


Full length fur appears on Zac Posen’s runway:


And Mugler goes a bit 80’s with this shoulder-padded fur ensemble.


This DKNY coat is one of my favourites with the high cowl neck and flat edging.


Some healthy (if not pricey) competition in the fur handbag category also appeared on many runways for Fall Winter.

Christin Louboutin offers a handbag in the same springbok pelt as those in our shop.

Fur handbag


This Proenza Schouler ‘Bambi bag’ could be yours for just over $4,600 (my first car wasn’t worth this much!).


Patrizia Pepe has a few fur accessories in her line for this season as well.


And some of our very own Earth, Wind & Style fur beauties:

Our Wildebeest Cross Body handbag.

wildebeest handbag


And our lovely springbok clutch bag.

Springbok clutch


Fur is, of course, still controversial in some circles and with good reason.  There are some terrible practices happening in the fur world.  Earth Wind and Style purchase our products from a company whose skins are sourced only from reputable suppliers in South Africa.  They keep the protection of the species in mind.  The animals are not raised only for their furs.

Fur is also fabulous in interiors.  It adds great texture giving a home or office a real richness and added interest.

Erin Gates adds just a touch of fur in the sheepskins she throws over her office chairs.

Fur interior decor


I love this masculine room with sexy fur bed cover.  Gorgeous and takes this otherwise neutral scheme to a whole other level.

fur bed cover


Reupholstering chairs in a cow hide or skin will always create a unique custom look, as no two skins will ever be the same.


Then there’s always the cowhide rug.  In this space, it helps to anchor the white furniture and adds depth to the space.


How do you feel about fur products?  Will you buy fur? If not, will you wear vintage fur garments? Are you thinking about the fall trends with all the buzz happening about spring summer in New York? Tell me what you think in the comments section below.