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My very talented friends, photographer Tina Graham and makeup artist Nicola Ingram, worked their magic a few weeks ago on a photo shoot for my boots.  I thought I would share the results below.  Vote for your favourite pic and get 20% off your purchase at Earth, Wind & Style till Dec 24th, 2012!

girls fighting over boots

ankle boots

boot tug of war

Ankle boots with leggings

shorts worn with boots

convertible boots worn with dressboots with shorts

dress worn with boots

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Big feet. New business.

As a consumer I have often found it difficult to shop.  Unlike many of my amazed fellow-females, I have never really enjoyed clothes shopping as a recreational activity.  The thought of trying on piles of clothes sends shudders down my spine.  I blame my genes for this as I’m quite sure it has something to do with the fact that I’ve always been tall and have big feet.

For plenty of my growing up years, my social life was crippled by the flood pants I had to wear.  And hip shoes in my size were simply unavailable.  My youth was marred by the shudder-inducing piles of clothes I took into fitting rooms in hopes that maybe, just maybe, some designer somewhere had heard my plight and lengthened those super cool stirrup pants so it wouldn’t look like my crotch was located somewhere down around my knees.

Perhaps the whole teen shopping experience scarred me.  But I came from good shopping stock (my mother) and have persevered and I now find it a reasonably pleasant experience given the right set of circumstances.

Enter the blissful creation of the online store – no messy fitting rooms, no crowds during the holidays, no line ups at the till.  One of my favourite ways to shop, and all from the comfort of my desk.  This came about out of necessity since we have travelled extensively and lived overseas for a number of years.  It has allowed our favourite products to be delivered right into our hands (local post office willing), making our lives much more comfortable and enjoyable.  All praise the world wide web and co-operating mail men!  And a special hallelujah for a good return policy.

So I suppose it is fitting that I launch a web based business selling boots in generous sizes (read size 11‘s!), as well as for those with feet in more common proportions, and women’ handbags.  It is important to me that buyers can be assured of quality products and their deliver-ability directly into their post boxes when they purchase through our website.

One of our many unique pairs of boots

Hawkboot for women

Currently the Earth, Wind & Style team consists of Joyce, who is living in Canada and doing the shipping bits as well as some marketing, and myself.  I’m in Malaysia.  Our beautiful products are designed and created in South Africa.  It’s kind of a long story, but it works. We’re new to this, so we won’t be perfect at it, but we hope to make people happy with both our service as well as our gorgeous and unique boots and African game skin bags.

The Chelsea Springbok handbag

So coming to you from Malaysia via this blogging venue, I aim to provide a few fashion and design bits and pieces that will hopefully act as inspiration to you, my fellow consumer and wearer of fashion.  Fashion and design after all is about expressing our individuality and unique way of living, dressing and being – no matter what our shoe size happens to be.